San Jose Aztec New Year Celebration


A positive atmosphere began the early morning festivities with the start of the Sun Raise Ceremony. The Power of the Sun giving warmth to the Mother Earth as  powerful words were being spoken by Indigenous Spiritual  Leaders, giving thanks to the Creator for our safe journey and providing inspiration to our youth. As Indigenous people of the land we offered our prayers with the songs and dances of our ancestors. It was truly a sight to see so many Aztec dancers joining us in our healing Bear Hook Up Dance. We enjoyed the Pomo dancers sharing their cultural dances. There was a great number of Aztec dancers that continued their dances for two days. As the dancers exited the Arena an Aztec woman greeted them with fruit and water. The Aztecs also provided a hardy meal for all the dancers.

  There were a variety of vendors offering reasonable prices for goods from various different indigenous counties. Some of the findings being musical instruments, jewelry, clothing, etc. Also providing supplies for creating your own crafts such as feathers, beads, leather, etc. 

With all our travels being a close community and family most of our time shared was in the van. It is a time for stories, laughter and songs. Stopping for gas, food, and bathroom breaks, one of which was the small Fruit Stand as you drive on to the 152. Perfect for variety of fresh fruits and nuts on our long journey. Of course no trip is complete without a quick stop at the Mcdonalds.



One thought on “San Jose Aztec New Year Celebration

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