After School Tutoring

The Ohlone Tribe is proud to offer tutoring for its students in collaboration with students at the nearby Cal Poly Pomona University. For 4 years now, the tutoring program has been helping students understand hard subjects and earn better grades in school.

Currently, many students, ranging from Kindergarten to High School, come to the tribal office to receive help  from Cal Poly Pomona students on a variety of school subjects, with the most popular subjects being math and geometry. Our program is growing, with more students joining. The Program Coordinator, Irene Aquirre, has done a fabulous job in organizing the program and recruiting new students.

The Cal Poly Pomona students who come to help tutor get college credit, but they do it mainly out of their love of teaching and desire to give back to the local community. The tutoring has shown to positively affect the students, their grades, and their perception of school. It is thanks to Dr. Sandy Dixon, that the Cal Poly Pomona students come out to help.

Says Larry;  “The kids have been coming and showing improvement from the first day they arrive to when they finish. Their grades have come up because, with the help of the tutors, they work hard to understand these difficult subjects. That persistence pays off in the end, when their grades improve and they can feel a sense of pride in their own work.”

The tutoring is not available only to younger students. College students and other tribal members who need tutoring are welcome to drop by the Tribal Office. Tutoring takes place Monday-Thursday, from 4pm-6pm. For more information, please contact the Tribal Office at 909- 623-7889.

Kids Learning Traditional Drumming



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