The Ohlone Return, the 2nd Cycle: 2012

This year marks the beginning of the 2nd Cycle of Ceremonies to restore the Ohlone Tribe in San Fransisco by through ceremonies and different cultural events, as well as including Ohlone Culture and Indigenous Perspective in official San Fransisco policy, arts and media. The calendar of events for the second cycle in 2012 include the Blessing of El Polin Spring on June 30th, Hiroshima Day on August 4th, Indigenous People’s Day Celebrations/Ohlone Big Time Gathering on October 6th, the Veteran’s War Memorial on November 12th, and Ohlone Teach-ins on November 11th and 12.

The Blessing of El Polin Spring

The second cycle started with a ceremony at El Polin Spring on June 30th at 10am by the Ohlone. El Polin Spring was recently restored by the Presidio Trust, in which the source of the spring and a few hundred feet of creek and pools were restored to daylight. The ceremony blessed the newly restored spring, as well as marking the renewal of the cycle of ceremonies at El Polin.

August 4th: Hiroshima Day 

On October 6th, on Hiroshima Day, a healing ceremony will occur for Hunter’s Point Naval Base and its nuclear history. There are 16 ancient Ohlone sites near the base, but this will be the first time that we will be able to engage in a healing ceremony on the base.

The blasts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the catalysts that lit the spiritual spark of the Alcatraz Red Power Movement, which was a response to those blasts. Hopi elder David Monongye described it as “shattering the gourd of ashes.” We will join with Japanese a-bomb survivors and some of the Buddhist organizations devoted to healing the nuclear epoch in the healing ceremony at the base.

October 6th: Indigenous People’s Day/Ohlone Big Time Gathering

We will lead a Big Time Gathering at the Presidio Parade Grounds on October 6th in honor of Indigenous People’s Day followed by an evening Bear Dance healing Ceremony. The ceremony is part of a 4 day spirit fire, sweat lodges, and fast. The Humaya dancers will join us on the fourth day, for the annual sunrise ceremony honoring the “Indians of All Tribes” occupation of Alcatraz Island for 19 months in 1969.

November 11th and 12th: Veteran’s War Memorial

November 12th is the Veteran’s Honor Ceremony and internment of battlefield soil  from Iraq and Afghanistan. For the first time, the Ohlone will join U.S. Veterans in honoring the city and country’s battles. The Ohlone presence will re-inspire the original intention of the War Memorial (1923); armistice, the end of all war.Additionally, there will be an Ohlone teach-in on November 11th and 12th, in which the history, culture, and goals of the Ohlone will be taught.


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