Ceremonies at Rob Hill, San Francisco

Hello Rumsen members,
Tomorrow starts the 9 day healing ceremony at Rob Hill Campgrounds at the Presidio in San Francisco. The ceremonies will be for healing, as on Saturday, we will be getting together with Hiroshima survivors to remember that day and offer up a healing with them. Chief Cerda is already on his way up there and hopes that everyone can come, if not for the whole time, at least some of it.

-Elizabeth S.


2 thoughts on “Ceremonies at Rob Hill, San Francisco

  1. I will bring down our men and for the first time 3 of are beautiful and brave women on Thursday moring. Send your Paryers and love. Also Bear Cerramoy in San Franscio on Saturday . I have gathered the water for our sweat from Crissty field . For those who do not know our tribe has a very very long history hear in this city on this land. This is where I hope all can come and be with our anncestors. Shaurro Okes. Casis Kauc

  2. Sharruro Okes tommow morning I will bring down all those on the Hill . They have fasted and prayed for everyone and I mean everyone . So tommow I Casis Karuc ask you to face the East ,South West and North . Give them your blessing and open harets . To send your best to those who have made this beautiful sacface for the people for are culture , for are earth. Thank you and Sharruro .

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