Aquarium of the Pacific

On September 22 and 23rd, the Ohlone will be dancing at the Aquarium of the Pacific, which is in Long Beach, CA.

The Aquarium of the Pacific will host its 8th annual Native American Festival, also known as the Moompetam Festival, which celebrates the salt water people. This weekend celebration will feature traditional cultural crafts, storytelling, educational programs, live demonstrations, music, and dance celebrating the indigenous California Indian maritime cultures. (Other tribes attending include the Chumash, Tongva, Acjachemen, Luiseño, Kumeyaay.)

The Ohlone Humaya dancers will be there to dance. Tickets are available in the tribal office.

A quick detailed breakdown of events:

4:00 – 4:35 on Sept. 22 in the Blue Cavern

3:10 – 4:00 on Sept. 23 in the Blue Cavern



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