Ohlone Village Walk




Press Contact: Chris Harris (310) 483-0134

When Meriwether Lewis made his report to President Thomas Jefferson at the conclusion of the Lewis and Clark Expedition he said “If it had not been for George Drouillard the Expedition would have failed.” That journey that was often times on foot was an unknown, led to the opening of the West.

Now 246 years later Chief Tony Cerda of the Costanoan Rumsen Carmel Tribe of Monterey, California is placing the same confidence in Cory Skyler Drouillard that Meriwether Lewis placed in Cory’s fourth great uncle George Drouillard.

On August 12, 2013 Cory Skyler Drouillard began his INDIEGOGO–OHLONE VILLAGE WALK.

Through 86 of California’s coastal cities, towns, and hamlets from Imperial Beach to Smith River, California a journey of 875 miles. Cory is determined to inspire people to use their computers and cell phones and Google INDIEGOGO–OHLONE VILLAGE and support his walk that will allow the Costanoan Rumsen Carmel Tribe of California regain their sacred ancestral land that was taken from them when the Spaniards arrived on the shores of California in 1769. One hundred and thirty years later the same land was sold to a San Francisco businessman for one dollar by the United States government. The Ohlone were never given the opportunity to buy the land that was stolen from them.

The INDIEGOGO–OHLONE VILLAGE EXPEDITION WALK is scheduled in end on August 19, 2013 at Smith River, California. Yesterday, the good looking always smiling Cory Skyler Drouillard handed out a card that simply read “I WOULD LIKE TO INVITE YOU TO GOOGLE INDIEGOGO OHLONE VILLAGE and support this campaign. He stopped people walking down the street, jumped on buses, and walked into businesses along the way handing out the cards.

Appearing on a local San Diego morning show yesterday (August 12, 2013) Cory Skyler Drouillard told the host that while his 875 mile walk through California’s coastal cities, towns and hamlets was to encourage people to Google INDIEGOGO–OHLONE VILLAGE and support his Walk, it is also a walk for all Indigenous people of California who lost their land and were marched off to build the 21 California Missions.

On his journey from Imperial Beach, California to Oceanside, California where the walk ended for the day television news crews followed him. In La Jolla, California standing across the street from a Maserati dealership a reporter from the La Jolla Light interviewed him as he walked the main street in the upscale California beach community.

Today the walk resumes in San Clemente, California and will cover the cities of Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Seal Beach, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica and Malibu. The walk will resume again on August 14 at 9AM at Oxnard, California.

9663 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 332 Beverly Hills, Ca. 90210

Telephone (310) 483-0136 E-Mail: chrisharrispr@yahoo.com



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