Rumsen Ranch – Part 1

Last Saturday, January 26th, we went to Trinity Anza, otherwise known as Rumsen Ranch, up in Anza, CA, 1.5 hours from the Claremont – Pomona area.

It was a healing ceremony, designed to heal and clean the land and start anew. Two tribal members fasted, praying and doing ceremony to better heal and clean the land.

The main focus was the military salute, for which there was a full day of events. There was a changing of the guard, a color salute, and a Veterans display.

Our council meeting also took place there, and it was particularly successful and the most attended, with more than 200 people there! wow.

Tours of the ranch were also given, considering the whole ranch is 900 acres! Tribal members and visitors got to see the houses/dorms, the main conference room, the kitchen, the bungalows, the classrooms, the Recreation Center, the Reception Center, and the many acres of forest.

xy_5050BFFF-72FD-487A-B499-04FE89709145__Tribal members and guest were also given tours of the local flora and fauna, as there are many native plants at Rumsen Ranch, some with healing and medicinal properties!

Overall, it was a fun and informative weekend had by all. We can’t wait to go to Rumsen Ranch in Anza again!


The Ohlone Profiles Project Meeting

On June 29th, from 9:30 to 4:00, we attended the Ohlone Profiles Planning Meeting at the Great Hall meeting Room at Rob Hill Campground. The purpose of the meeting was for Ohlone to come bring their dreams and visions, to restore Ohlone life to San Fransisco.

The goals for the day were:1. To create a process in which everyone understands the work of returning the tribe to San Fransisco, and 2., to integrate everyone’s commitments into a cohesive, holistic plan.

The supporters at the meeting included;

  • The Costanoan Rumsen Carmel Tribe
  • Ohlone Profiles Project
  • Presidio Trust
  • American Legion at the War Memorial
  • Literacy for Environmental Justice
  • Arc Ecology
  • Worlds Art West
  • World Music Festival
  • Yerba Buena Summer Garden Festival
  • Christensen Fund
  • Peace Development Fund
  • SF Arts Commission
  • The San Fransisco Foundation

After the light breakfast, there was a opening prayer led by Chairman Tony Cerda, and then a welcome by the Presidio Trust.

An overview of the project was given, in which the short and long term vision was discussed, as well as the cycles and themes to be used.After lunch, there was the “stone soup,” the reflections on what each participant/organization was bringing to the table. A collaboration discussion was next, in which new insights were shared, events for next year planned out, and figuring out what is still needed.

The meeting closed with a round dance, a closing circle, and a closing prayer. In particular, the events for this year and next year were planned out, which will be posted in two following posts. The meeting was well attended and a lot of items on the agenda were discussed and figured out.