Over the years the Costanoan Rumsen Carmel Indian Tribe has contributed to the development of the state of California, both in culture and in history. Throughout the following pages you will be introduced to our Tribe.

You will meet Chief Chanjay and his descendents, and learn how they helped California grow to what we know it as today. You will come to know how we helped to build Missions along the route known today as “El Camino Real” and how we came to settle in Southern California.

We have broken up our history into segments of leadership. We have had many great leaders, known as Headman or Headwoman. We begin our journey with Chief Chanjay as he encountered Father Serra for the first time in the area now known as Monterey. Please click on a link below to start your journey through our History.
The Chanjay Era 1775-1790
The Tiburcio Era 1834-1875
The Jocefa Silva Era 1875-1927
The Enrique Rodriguez Era 1927-1954
The Irene Lopez Era 1954-1985
The Anthony Miranda Era 1985-1993
The Tony Cerda Era 1993-Present