Ohlone Tule Boat Revitalization Project on Razoo!

In 2013, the America’s Cup Race is scheduled to take place in Monterey and San Fransisco, an big event that draws hundreds of people, from all across the United States and International countries too. Groups as far away as New Zealand will be coming.

We have been invited to be part of the festivities surrounding the Cup Race and we want to launch a few of our traditional Ohlone Tule Boats. However, making the Tule Boats take some time and effort, so we have started a Razoo campaign to raise funds and awareness. Razoo is a website where people can make online donations or fundraise for an event/charity, with a focus on non-profits and individuals.

We have set up a Razoo Campaign and invite everyone to come see it, and spread the word! We have a video about the Tule Boat Project, featuring two of our tribal members. The campaign goes until April 2013, just in time to start preparations for the Cup Race.

Link to razoo Campaign and Video: http://www.razoo.com/story/Tule-Boat-Launch-And-Ceremony-2013?fb_ref=pPTRXNn6l&referral_code=share

This Tule Boat Revitalization Project is important to us, as it will continue to raise awareness of the Costanoan Rumsen Carmel people, California Indian tribes, and provide future generations a sense of belonging, of pride, of culture. Please take the time to support our Ohlone Tule Boat Revitalization Project!