Rumsen Ranch – Part 2

When we were up at Rumsen Ranch in Anza last weekend, many ideas about what we could do with the Ranch were discussed, but only a few were chosen.

One of the main ideas was having a Veterans Center.

Many of our troops come home, and end up homeless and jobless. Rumsen Ranch would provide a place to sleep, food, and the opportunity for our veterans to learn practical skills. 4 hours of volunteer work would be mandatory, with veterans learning valuable work skills, like wiring electricity (electrician), plumbing & land maintenance/management. This would benefit the community, the veterans, and the tribe.

In keeping with the theme of engaging with the community, another idea was to collaborate with Southwestern Vocational College, a local college focused on the training and licensing needs of students interested in the Criminal Justice careers field. Current students would be able to come to Rumsen Ranch to get some hands-on experience and get credit for it, while the ranch would be protected/guarded.

Most Importantly, Rumsen Ranch would be a place where we could come and just hang out, go camping, do ceremonies, sweat lodges, clear the forest to prevent fires, play sports and games, use the computers and classrooms, and generally relax. There would even been animals like horses, chickens, pigs and other animals to raise. It would be a place that would create jobs for tribal members, homes and skills for veterans, and a place for the tribe.



Pomona College 125th Anniversary Native American Opening Ceremony!

On September 4th, Pomona College will be celebrating its 125th Anniversary and has taken the monumental and positive step of inviting us to make up the central part of their Native American Opening Ceremony on that day.

It is the first time that any local tribe has been asked to participate in a major way in an official Pomona event, like this anniversary.

The Humaya Dancers will be there, as well as the Ohlone Bear Clan Dancers for a healing ceremony. Other notable people that will be there include: Bill Neal, Jimi Castillo, and Josie Montes and the White Rose SIngers from Sherman Indian School.

The Details: It will start at 6pm with dinner at the Frank Dining Hall (Pomona College 260 East Bonita Ave.) and then Chief Cerda will lead the drums over to the Sontag Greek Theater  (adjacent to Seaver Theatre, 300 E. Bonita Ave., Claremont), with the Ohlone Bear Clan and Humaya dancers. Once there, we will start the healing ceremony.

This is a big deal and we urge that everyone come out to support the tribe, especially as it is the first time that we have been invited there! The President of Pomona will be there, other dignitaries will be there, all the freshman students will be there, and this is our chance to show everyone that the Ohlone are still here and still strong.


(We’re even on the front page of the website!)