Ohlone Village Walk – Cory Drouillard in National City


Cory Drouillard getting interviewed by the local media on the Ohlone Village Walk in National City, CA.

What is Cory Walking For?

Through 86 of California’s coastal cities, towns, and hamlets from Imperial Beach to Smith River, California a journey of 875 miles. Cory is determined to inspire people to use their computers and cell phones and Google INDIEGOGO–OHLONE VILLAGE and support his walk that will allow the Costanoan Rumsen Carmel Tribe of California regain their sacred ancestral land that was taken from them when the Spaniards arrived on the shores of California in 1769. One hundred and thirty years later the same land was sold to a San Francisco businessman for one dollar by the United States government. The Ohlone were never given the opportunity to buy the land that was stolen from them.


The 28th Annual Honoring of the Elders Gathering

We will be going to the 28th Annual Honoring of the Elders gathering held in Watsonville, CA (Mount Madonna) from Friday May 31st through Sunday, June 2nd.


A little about the Gathering of the Elders from their website:

“The highlight of the Gathering is to honor our Elders.  We have an innate respect for our elderly.  They are the ones who teach us the ways of the ancestors.  When we treat our elders with respect, we teach our children to treat others, including their elders, with respect.  In this way, the cycle of tradition continues and the circle remains strong.  On the third day of the Gathering, we call the Elders into the center of the arbor and honor them with songs and gifts.”


“We are supported by our local Indian people, such as the Ohlone.  Active participants include the American Indian Alliance, Patrick Orozco, Tribal Chairman and elder of the Pajaro Valley Ohlone Indian Council & Tony Cerda, Chairman of the Costanoan Rumsen Carmel Indian Tribe.  Both Patrick and Tony have danced traditionally at the Gathering for almost as long as it has been in existence.  They honor their ancestors, who have danced on the same land for centuries.”

The Honoring of the Elders Gathering is hosted by TENA Council of Santa Clara County and are co-hosted by the Pajaro Indian Council of Watsonville. 

The address: 7850 Pole Line Road, Watsonville CA 95077

FMI: http://honoreldersgathering.shutterfly.com/

Ohlone Garden Coming Soon!


We will be setting up an small Ohlone Community Garden in Memory of Vern Mascorro

It is located between Kingsley and Garey on the odd number side of the street.

We will be planting Native medicinal plants, a few vegetables.

We do need some volunteers in the designing, planning, landscaping, and planting stages of the garden, as well as volunteer to help maintain the site. Equipment, plants and seeds will be provided.

Contact the Tribal Office for FMI and volunteer availability.

Tribal Office: http://www.costanoanrumsen.org/contact.html